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Tracy west

About me

People chuckle when I say that I have been around the block many times. But I say it with pride because, over the past 20 years, it has helped me become one of the most successful loan officers in the state of Louisiana. Growing up in a poor, rural town in Mississippi, working 15 years as a buyer with Godchaux’s Maison Blanc, and serving as a middle school drama teacher for over a decade has given me invaluable insights that can’t be learned in a book or through formal education. 

The loan process can be intimidating because it is often a new experience for customers. I understand the fear because I entered the mortgage industry two decades ago with only my trust in God to rely upon. I realize that all of my previous experiences prepared me for my role as a loan officer. My motto has always been, “anytime, anywhere” because I want my customers to know that I am a reliable partner that they can count on throughout the loan process. It is my responsibility to make the process seamless and if challenges arise, the path to solutions rests on my shoulders, which is a duty that I serve with pride.

My Office

Branch Manager / RMLO

NMLS: #81286
C: (225) 235-6631
O: (225) 763-3209
F: (225) 763-6507


7414 Perkins Rd,
Baton Rouge, LA 70808