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Buying or refinancing a home is a complicated process. Want to make sure your transaction goes off without a hitch? Then you need a lender with deep experience.

At Essential Mortgage, we’ve been serving homebuyers for more than 20 years, and we’re here to help you, too. Get in touch with a loan officer near you today for personalized help on your homebuying or refinancing journey.


Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible. We do this by anticipating issues before they arise. Your role is simply to gather the documentation needed, and we will handle the rest.

Gather and Provide the Necessary Documents Up Front.

Use our Loan Checklist as a guide in determining which documents will initially be needed.

Obtain a Conditional Pre-Qualification or Conditional Approval Letter.

Pre-qualification is the most basic analysis, and pre-approval the most comprehensive.

Begin Your Home Search Process.

When you have been pre-approved, you can begin your home search with confidence because you were smart and proactive.


Use our handy array of mortgage calculators to help estimate a price range of a home that meets your monthly payment goals as well as to identify mortgage costs that are typical to a home purchase or refinance transaction.


We were buying our first home and never went through this process before. All of the staff were extremely helpful in explaining the entire process to us. We had lots of questions, and they were all answered very quickly.

Review for Keith DeLatte -Jacob R.

The process my wife and I went through to get our loan approved was strenuous because of the type of loan we were using. Tracy and her team were so responsive, cooperative, kind, and patient with all of our requests and questions. They were able to help us understand the whole process, and led us well with each step we took. They made the most stressful part of buying a home a breeze. We are so thankful for them!

Review for Tracy West -Jonah J.

I was down on my luck and almost quit my home search process after speaking to other lenders but then I met Taylor and Tracy and things changed instantly! I'm now in my home and happier than ever! I had a wonderful experience.

Review for Taylor Rogers -Sarah B.


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